The Racism Of White Gun Owners

Basically, white people in power, (GOP, rednecks, etc), all want to keep the black man from having guns, so they can, you know, keep ’em down.

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Shoot Those NRA Conservative Racist Rednecks For Hating Our Obama!


Christopher Swindell, a hunky hunk of liberalism and hot male sexuality, recently nailed it with his hard-hitting rod of truth, saying that basically we need to put the NRA and other such racist conservative groups, onto the firing line for treason. It’s obvious these white groups hate Our Obama for being an awesome African-American President.

Probably the most serious miscalculation opponents make is the guest list for the NRA speaker’s podium. To let the half-wit half-term quitter Sarah Palin have a microphone is to alienate the very people Republicans need to work with on future legislation. To say nothing of the other speakers.

And how does choosing a white, rich old man with an offensive degrading speech about the war of “Northern Aggression” as NRA president forward a sense of reasonableness? History lesson: It was an awful Civil War won decisively some 150 years ago. Over slavery. The Confederacy wanted to keep African-Americans in chains and President Lincoln didn’t.

Sure, there were states’ rights issues, but nullification, secession, and treason were settled at Appomattox Courthouse. Sure, Reconstruction left a bad taste. But, resurrecting these same things, the way South Carolina is as we speak, is to invite a return to the whole concept of a Union.

Here it is. The NRA advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America. That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad. The B.S. needs a serious gut check. We are not a tin pot banana republic where machine gun toting rebel groups storm the palace and depose the dictator.

We put the president in the White House. To support the new NRA president’s agenda of arming the populace for confrontation with the government is bloody treason. And many invite it gladly as if the African-American president we voted for is somehow infringing on their Constitutional rights.

See the rest here and be amazed at Swindell’s acumen!

Right on, right on! We should round up all those fucktard rednecks and shoot them dead for daring to hate our Beloved Obama. Racist faggots, the whole lot of ’em.


Guns Are For NRA Pussies and Faggots!


Duh…derp..guns are bad and are for stupid people like NRA faggots!  Wayne LaPierre is dumb! Duh…derp…Obama is awesome! It’s all Bush’s fault!  Only white people in the GOP have guns and they want to shoot African-Americans dead!  Duh…derp…Obama!